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For years, myths and misconceptions have riddled the uptake of LPG in the region. Here are some facts you need to know about LPG/VenGas.

Is Charcoal cheaper than Gas?

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At today’s prices, cooking with gas costs you significantly less than cooking with charcoal.

Is cooking gas hard to find when you need it?

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Vengas has dedicated sales point across Kampala and is available in your neighborhood supermarkets and shops. We also do home deliveries for your convenience.

Is cooking with Gas risky?

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Cooking gas is widely used in homes across Africa and the world. It is considered the safest mode of household cooking. Vengas staff are available to help you with safe installation and user training.  

Is it possible to track my gas consumption?

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With our special regulator equipped with a level indicator, you can keep track of usage and avoid running out while cooking.

How readily available are VenGas accessories?

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Whatever your gas needs, our Vengas Centers are the go-to place. Our accessories are also available in your neighborhood supermarket.

My cooking requirements have increased. Can I upgrade my 6kg cylinder for use with a bigger cooker?

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With the Vengas 'Easy Fit' regulator you can convert from a single burner to a multiple burner cooker.
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